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Austin: The Day I Became a Cowgirl, Y’all

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After a jam-packed four days in San Francisco, I was on my way to the East Coast with a two night stop-over in Austin, Texas. I had always wanted to see the middle of America although I have been apprehensive. The reality is that you hear so much about rednecks and guns; while I am enough of a seasoned traveler to know not to stereotype, I was nervous about how they would react to my olive skin and love of all things Mexican. So I chose Austin because I had heard it was the antithesis of all of that and was instead America’s capital of live music, barbecue, home to the first Whole Foods, had a great Tex-Mex scene…and lots of cowboy boots! Someone told me in San Francisco that Austin was the hippest place in America – and coming from a San Franciscan, that got me excited. Continue reading

“If You’re Going to San Francisco…”

24 hours on a plane with four flights across four time zones – this was my next big trip as I hit the US of A in October. I have always wanted to give America more of a chance than I have done in the past. I have friends and family in various locations in the States and yet I have only been once since my big road trip across America when I was five, of which I remember absolutely nothing other than being terrified of Goofy in Disney World. The last trip was for a wedding in Seattle five years ago where I also added a long weekend in New York on my way home. So I decided I was going to return to New York but would also explore San Francisco with a stopover in Texas to break the journey up on the way. My very own West to East US city adventure.

I was really excited about seeing San Francisco in particular because I studied American History at University and the best bit was learning about the counterculture hippy scene of the 1960s which was all rooted in San Francisco. So I already had a picture in my head of what it would be like but then I wanted to see it before the tech companies completely took it over, which is what I had been reading a lot about before my trip there. Continue reading