A Long Weekend in the Big Apple

The next day, was time to take in my favourite view of Manhattan from the top of the rock (Rockefeller Center). This was where I was supposed to see the peak of fall in Central Park with all the autumnal colours of the trees but as you can see, it was all perfectly green! But I could never tire of this view and great to also see the Empire State building at the same time. In the evening, we had plans to pay a visit to Rye and this was my Mad Men moment of the trip. We were told the best way to get there was by train and I was really up for this as I take the train a lot in the UK so wanted to try this in New York. It was great to catch a train from the iconic Grand Central Station for a start but then the train itself felt like something out of the fifties! Red seats and it all felt very Mad Men…and for once, I was so absorbed in the experience I forgot to take a picture so you can see what I mean!

NYC Top of the Rock View

NYC Top of the Rock View

On my final day, I wanted to just have one day of my epic trip where I was not doing anything particularly touristy or did not have to be anywhere, especially as I was due to leave for the airport at 4:30 the next morning! So we met some friends in Nolita (North of Little Italy) for coffee and pizza – not just any pizza but the best pizza I have tasted outside of Italy at this place called Lombardi’s, which has been going since 1905 and claims to be the country’ first pizzeria. After walking around the area and having some coffee, I met up with another friend I had met while travelling in South America, at a Latin bar in the Lower East side. It was so good to see her and did not feel like a whole year and half had passed since we last saw each other – these are the best type of friendships! On the way back to the hotel, I got lost but ended up outside Katz’s Deli which I have heard is another must try institution and home to “that” famous scene in When Harry Met Sally. It was packed and slightly aggressive in the way they shouted at us to not forget the ticket they gave me in order to pay and be let out again. I tried a Pastrami sandwich which was the biggest sandwich I had ever seen (and frankly, it should be for US$20!). It was very tasty though but you could probably get just as good a sandwich at any of New York’s delis so I wouldn’t necessarily rush back.

Lombardi's NYC

Lombardi’s NYC

And so ended my long weekend in New York and my epic US adventure. One tip I want to share for anyone going to New York is if you don’t mind sharing a shuttle bus and waiting for other pickups or drop offs, definitely don’t bother with a very expensive taxi to/from the airport. Just jump on a shuttle bus service – you can even book this online and track where the bus is en route to you. Secondly, a throwback to my first post about this same trip, but don’t fly with United Airlines! On the way back to London, I was excited to see there was at least a screen the size of an old Nokia phone on the back of the seat in front of me but it had one choice of film, ON REPEAT, with no options to pause, rewind or forward! It is worth paying that little bit more to fly with a better airline and more comfort/entertainment so you can at least cope with the long-haul flights in a more civilised manner. I really love America now for travelling and wish I had not spent so many years resisting it! I will definitely be back, not just to explore some more iconic cities but hopefully to have the time to check out some of the country’s many national parks to see the truly stunning landscape in between the big cities too. Another trip to plan for another time!

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En el ultimo parte de este viaje en Los Estados Unidos, yo visité la ciudad de neuva York para una fin de semana grande. Yo ví la plaza que se llama Times Square (no me gusta por que es muy ocupado con muchos personas todos las horas), Ellis Island y el museo importante sobre imigracion, y dos vistas hermosas del ciudad en Uno Centro de World Trade y el Centro de Rockefeller. Me gusta la ciudad mucho y todos los edificios incredibles. Pienso que quiero regresar en el otoño en un otro año.

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