A Quickie in Tulum, Mexico

10.5 hours later, I was back in the jungle heat and humidity of Cancun, Mexico. I am not a fan of the whole Playa del Carmen scene but I do know that Cancun has a beautiful coastline and I loved the Bohemian, hip town of Tulum so much two years ago that I headed straight there for my 36-hour stop over. It was time for my second big mistake. In my head, I was convinced that Tulum was just a 30-40 minute journey from Cancun as I went back and forth between the two several times during my 2014 sabbatical. I quickly realised that was from Playa del Carmen – Cancun airport is much further out resulting in an estimated journey time of 2 hours one way! I set out to try and find a collectivo at the airport (shared shuttle bus) but nada – apparently, nobody wanted to go to Tulum that night apart from me. Then I tried to get the ADO bus (regular Mexican bus service) but again, it seemed no buses wanted to go that way either. In the end, I had no choice but to pay around US$130 for a private transfer to the hotel as it was getting late, dark and I was tired and jet-lagged.

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I finally made it to Tulum at about 8:30pm. I had decided to stay on the beach this time as I was there for such a short amount of time that I wanted to fully enjoy a beach break before I hit the business of a 10-day photography course. It is pricey to stay on the beach so if you are there for more than two nights, I would recommend staying in the town which has lots of nice shops, bars, cafes/restaurants and much cheaper accommodation. Getting to the beach and back is a quick taxi/bike ride. I had my heart set on the beach this time and opted for a great eco-hotel called Coco Tulum. It is almost like a posh hostel with room only options and shared bathrooms or you can have a private bathroom for a little more. I loved it! My room and bathroom were spacious and clean and I spent the whole of the next day on the beach where there is also a great little beach bar. Be warned that the bar does have a DJ from around 3pm so if you are seeking a complete paradise, silent setting, this part of the beach may not be for you (not sure if the DJ is daily). It suited me fine as I got to have some peace in the morning, and a livelier afternoon. The one let down was the fact that as it was a Sunday, I was unable to have the yoga class in the morning or the Temazcal session (a sort of Mayan purification ceremony which I really wanted to try). I opted for a reflexology massage instead. The other strange thing is that the adjoining restaurant is…Italian! As are many of the places in Tulum – mainly to cater to the large number of Italian and Argentine tourists, according to my concierge. There were some Mexican dishes on the menu which I dutifully tried out (I love Chilaquiles for breakfast) but I am definitely not the sort of tourist who goes to Mexico to have a pizza when there is so much amazing local food to try – so please add more Mexican food options Coco Tulum!

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Mi proximo viaje grande era a Cuba con un grupo de fotografia. Mexico es muy cerca a Cuba (solo 55 minutes por avion) entonces, yo fui a Tulum antes de Cuba para dos noches. Tulum es mas tranquil que Playa del Carmen y tiene un playa muy hermosa. Yo comi unos comidas Mexicanas y dormi mucho en la playa. Yo amo Mexico lindo y Tulum especialmente!


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