Photo Essay: The Real Cuba

The Haircut

Also in sleepy Remedios, was this fantastic barbers shop. There are so many hipster barbers trying to recreate a traditional barbershop environment back in London, and here it was, as their everyday. It looked like nothing had been updated in here, since the fifties, apart from the customers.

Haircut, Remedois, Cuba

Remedios, Cuba (2)

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Cuba has to be one of the most sociable countries I have visited. Partly helped by the weather, people are out on the streets all the time, talking, smoking, reading, playing dominoes. Even those that are indoors are inside with all their doors and windows open. It doesn’t seem to be a country which is bothered about privacy!

Hanging, Havana, Cuba

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Havana, Cuba (2)

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La Cocina de Abuela

Our local guide was great at taking us round all the main sights of Havana, to see Revolutionary Square, the National Ballet School, the Capitol building etc. As he recognised our interest in photography, he also took us to the suburbs of Havana so we can get out of the touristy centre to see how real Cubans people live. This shot was taken in the kitchen of his grandmother’s casa.

Grandmothe's kitchen, Suburbs, Havana, Cuba

La Cocina de Abuela. © All rights reserved

Made in Cuba

Of course, no trip to Cuba would be complete without sampling the famous Cuban cigars, the best in the world. Apparently, Jonh F. Kennedy even ordered some 1,000 Cuban cigars hours before signing the trade embargo. Watching how these are so delicately hand-rolled is a must. This cigar roller was literally cigarette chain-smoking his way through the process!

Cigar Rolling, Havana, Cuba

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