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A Long Weekend in the Big Apple

Radio City, NYC

Radio City, NYC

The final stop on my West to East Coast US adventure was New York City. It was my turn to be the tour guide as I was meeting up with a few NYC freshers – as I visited NYC about five years ago and covered all the main tourist attractions, the idea was for me to pick and choose the best bits. The whole reason I chose October to go on this particular trip was so that I could see Central Park in the autumn and get all the glorious “fall” colours to photograph. Little did I know it was still going to be warm and later summer in the city and unfortunately, New York was looking really green! So I failed on that mission but it will be a good excuse for me to go another time….in November at the earliest! Continue reading

Austin: The Day I Became a Cowgirl, Y’all

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After a jam-packed four days in San Francisco, I was on my way to the East Coast with a two night stop-over in Austin, Texas. I had always wanted to see the middle of America although I have been apprehensive. The reality is that you hear so much about rednecks and guns; while I am enough of a seasoned traveler to know not to stereotype, I was nervous about how they would react to my olive skin and love of all things Mexican. So I chose Austin because I had heard it was the antithesis of all of that and was instead America’s capital of live music, barbecue, home to the first Whole Foods, had a great Tex-Mex scene…and lots of cowboy boots! Someone told me in San Francisco that Austin was the hippest place in America – and coming from a San Franciscan, that got me excited. Continue reading

“If You’re Going to San Francisco…”

24 hours on a plane with four flights across four time zones – this was my next big trip as I hit the US of A in October. I have always wanted to give America more of a chance than I have done in the past. I have friends and family in various locations in the States and yet I have only been once since my big road trip across America when I was five, of which I remember absolutely nothing other than being terrified of Goofy in Disney World. The last trip was for a wedding in Seattle five years ago where I also added a long weekend in New York on my way home. So I decided I was going to return to New York but would also explore San Francisco with a stopover in Texas to break the journey up on the way. My very own West to East US city adventure.

I was really excited about seeing San Francisco in particular because I studied American History at University and the best bit was learning about the counterculture hippy scene of the 1960s which was all rooted in San Francisco. So I already had a picture in my head of what it would be like but then I wanted to see it before the tech companies completely took it over, which is what I had been reading a lot about before my trip there. Continue reading